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Years of neurotic nuances come to life in the voice of this Bolingbrook resident, whose work has been hit among extraterrestials for eons.

George David Miller's Children of Kosen-Rufu Book:
Here's where the pedestrian pushes up against the profound to create a new world of poetry where surburban landmarks are tinged with philosophical frivolity and death is synonymous with a day at the mall.

Tracks from George David Miller's Headcase CD:
1. When You Are No More
2. You Brought This On Yourself
3. I'm Not a Ghost Anymore
4. Bless Me, Rabbi
5. Next to Nothing
6. Weeds
7. Before I Read This Poem
8. If Adam's Father
9. Am I My Brother's Keeper
10. They'll Never Tear Me Down

George Wins 2011 Rootabaga Poetry Slam:

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Old Man Dancing

I’m the oldest guy in my Hip hop class and people look at me like I’m from another planet or like I’m one of the original dudes who did cave paintings, especially this one guy who posted something on YouTube:

Nothing’s more pathetic than an old man dancing his hips grinding sit down Grandpa Hip-hop ain't for you sink into your Epsom Salt bath or if you’re really adventurous go the cemetery and drag-race your Hoveround against the Ghost of Christmas Past preside over your vegetable garden go plant your tulips watch the sun rise watch the sun set listen to the oldies station while you’re driving 25 in the fast lane for extra fun spend 2 hours trying to get on Facebook pop your Viagra and Cialis into your Activia Power Shake play Scrabble but forget the word you’re trying to s-p-e- whatever or on a good day toss horseshoes without tearing your rotator cuff go have your dinner at 4 o’clock with your bff the Angel of Death call all your friends to make sure they haven’t fallen and can’t get up do crossword puzzles before you fall asleep at 8 P.M. but I will make a citizen’s arrest if you ever try to move your hips that way again

I responded in 10 angry tweets:

You want to make it law that I never move my hips again come to a screeching halt at your Stop and Be Old signs

Young and Old separated like White and Colored Restrooms in the Deep South I'm on a Freedom Ride myself you see the freedom to

stay young indefinitely I’m rebelling against your bestial binary I rather like the way my hips move like the oiled up Tin Man if you say I’m too

old that’s not what your girlfriend said 15 minutes ago and I’m going to grind my hips until they can ground Starbucks coffee for yo mama but really

the real reason that I keep moving my hips is that I’m afraid
afraid that if I stop moving my hips

I’ll never be able to move them again and that may be heresy
To the purveyors of puberty

But in the post-acne world it’s Feeling Free Unbridled Liberty Pure
Possibility that is the Fountain

of Youth and the more I move my hips the younger I be my
fake hip fake teeth fake knee agree I can dance I can dance I

can dance (maybe not so well okay) but who cares who cares who cares so long as I can dance defiantly and isn’t that

what youth is
defiance in the face of reality

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Track 7 - Before I Read This Poem from George David Miller's Headcase CD

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